Janome Machines
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At Sew Sew Studio Duluth, you can find fabrics, sewing machines, sewing classes, and sewing machine repair services in Duluth and the Atlanta Metro area.
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Take Your Craft To A New Level
What do you want to make? Whatever it is, these top-of-the-line machines will do everything you ask of them and then some. The innovative Continental M8 and MC 9480 boast stitch regulators, every sewing feature you could possibly imagine, and extra-large work surfaces, making them the best machines for any quilter (and everyone else!). The MC 6700, on the other hand, is a shop favorite. With a sturdy, all-metal base (read: no bouncing here!), dual-feed system, and ultra-smooth sewing, what’s not to love?

Sew Everything!
This group includes the best of the best: All-around excellent machines with high-quality features that you're sure to fall in love with. Quilts, handbags, accessories, home-decor... You name it, your machine can master it.

Let's Go Places!
The QDC lineup ticks all the boxes for what a sewing machine should be. Versatile? Of course. These machines were made to sew quilts, decor, and couture. (See why they're named QDC?) Feature-rich? Totally! Each QDC model has dozens of stitches and premium features (automatic thread cutter, we’re looking at you). Affordable? Absolutely! The best part about the high-quality QDCs is that one could be yours for an accessible, mid-level price. Like to travel? Let's get you into a new Travel Mate! They’re lightweight and portable, perfect for classes at Sew Sew, sewing retreats, and beyond. 

Heavy Duty

You better be careful because these machines can sew through your fingers without so much as a stutter — That’s how powerful Janome’s heavy-duty machines are! Like us, you’re probably not going to be sewing any fingers any time soon, but you will be sewing through layers and layers of cotton fabric, canvas, thick interfacing, vinyl, cork, and even leather. Designed with the bag-maker, denim-crafter, and experimental sewist in mind, these machines can handle thick and thin without compromising stitch quality. Quilters, you, too, will love the speed and efficiency of these workhorses!

And The Best Dressed Award Goes To… YOU!

Nothing to wear? Let’s change that! It’s time for your me-made revolution. Be your own designer or alter ready-to-wear clothing to suit your unique style with these indispensable garment-making machines.