2021 Stitcher's Garden Block of the Month Duluth 2nd Friday
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2021 Stitcher's Garden Block of the Month Duluth 2nd Friday

Do you want to learn more about your machine and the different techniques you can achieve using the variety of feet that are available for your machine? Then this class is for you. We will be creating a different block each month for 13 months( 2 sessions for month 12) and then doing a class on assembling the blocks and sashing. Because this class was being held pre-covid and the students finished onth6 block we will be starting with Month 7 block as these blocks do not have to be done in order. 

We will start with a Pre-Class where you will learn about background quilting of the blocks, how to use applique pressing mats and get the next months fabric requirements and patterns so you can be ready for the next class. We will provide a kit for practicing in this class only. Going forward you will chose your fabrics and prepare them for making the next block.

Below is the schedule for the next 9 months.

May  - Pre-Class
June - Block 7
July -  Block 8
August - Block 9
September - Block 10
October - Block 11
November - Block 12 part 1
December - Block 12 part 2

January 2022 we will have two classes - one will be the Assembling Class for those who have finished all the Blocks and one for Block 1 for those who are continuing with the monthly Blocks.

2021 Stitcher's Garden Block of the Month Duluth 2nd Friday

$ 25.00
Call Duluth store to sign up 770-497-2973